Waikerie SA by John Ford March 2018

One of the Best Bits of this lifestyle is the people you meet, today we popped downstream to Waikerie SA to purchase a case of Sheryles favourite ginger beer, Nippy’s, then off to the river for Teddy to have a run. Whilst sitting, there was a strange craft moored on the bank, wandering over coz I’m really nosy we met the owners. After giving up on life living in a house and wanting Adventure it was decided to build a row boat with sails and row from Mannum to Albury, why, coz they can. The vessel is based on the ancient Chinese row boats that were used to sail the seas, a few modifications here and there with some running repairs in Waikerie and they are off again. If you see this adventurous couple on the Murray River say hi and tell them your Best Bitters, they will love to chat with you.

More about Waikerie SA http://www.waikerie.com/