Why I started Nomads of Australia – The Best Bits the facebook Group

The story of why I started Best Bits,
3 years ago, we’d been on the road for just 2 years and the need for input about this glorious life of nomading was still strong, We were sitting on the banks of the Murray River in Victoria, Ash was fishing and I was on the computer …… I remember thinking just how hard it was to find stories, pictures, videos etc etc, there wasn’t as many Facebook groups that I found about this lifestyle back then and I thought I’d like somewhere I can go to, be able to ask a question and not get knocked down, ridiculed or told it was a dumb question, or for the question to be turned into somebody else’s agenda. I wanted motivating stories of people experiencing this lifestyle, how they started, why they started, how they conquered their fears. I wanted videos.
I used to collect the TV segments from 60 minutes, ABC etc and watched them over and over again, I wanted to show people where to find them.
All I could go on was what I knew I wanted and maybe there was just a few people out there that wanted it too, a place to go to dream, to find inspiration, to be safe, a place where those on the road could remember what it was like at the start and give a bit of inspiration, to let people feel, taste, touch just how awesome this life is. I wanted people to know to their core that what they wanted was just fine, whether that be a week or two here and there or a few months, whether they wanted to go the whole hog and sell up and have no time limit, or keep their base or not, it’s ok that we are all different, with so many ways of which we all do things, it’s OK and no judgement. That’s why I thought, “Well, it’s got to be called The Best Bits”.

It’s been a huge eye opener for me, I had no idea that some people could do the things they do, so I had to have Rules, something that didn’t sit right with me, but to keep the small group the place I’d envisioned, I had to start adding rules, then more strange people crawled out from under rocks and I had to add more, then for some I tried to explain why, most people just don’t think and act like that! But as we found nothing seemed to keep some happy! So as time went on more and more moderators were added, Trish and Di at first, then John when I found that because we were each on the road we’d often be out of internet coverage, so slowly we added more moderators, each has added a different perspective to the group, kind of like a well developed consciousness, where one was weaker the other made up for it, or one was black and white another introduced the colour, so we all had a better understanding of any situation.
Now, as the group grows to numbers I would never have believed, it gets harder to police and we have to rely on members letting us know about those inevitable breaking of rules, those rules that nobody wants, some people don’t even believe they do wrong………but there it is! What did Taylor say? ” Haters gotta Hate” in the end when all is said and done, we have a great group full of fantastic happy members, trying to get out of this exactly what I set out to deliver, and some might not like the way we do it, but no one is forcing them to stay. Being a member of this group is about the Best Bits of this magnificent country and enjoying it in the lifestyle we chose, walking, riding, tenting, a wizbang ,glamping in a van, a motorhome, a 5th Wheeler, a bus, even a boat!
No way is wrong, no way is right, we’re doing it or we want to, we share, we ask, we are happy for each others stories, we celebrate with them, we inspire, we motivate, we are the Best Bits. So up to this point 3 years on, that’s the story, for anyone interested.
The newest episode is we now have a website to gather all the great information in time where we can all go and find our Best Bits of the Best Bits, as well as the big need for advertising that we have often been asked about, which the website will offer but our Facebook group will always be ad free.
https://nomadsofaustralia-thebestbits.com.au/ its still in the building stage, but coming along fast.