Hard Hill Camp Wedderburn

Why do you love it:
Now this wonderful place was a surprise from many levels we wandered in to the Hard Hill Free Camp as per the GPS, got a nice spot front and centre, set up and took the car off and drove back into Wedderburn to see the sights ( Mind you it’s close enough to walk but we wanted to drive around and see more….first stop the Info Centre, the ladies there were the most helpful and knowledgeable we have ever come across, they are well tuned into the nomads way of life and the need for Free & Low cost Camps, much to our surprise we’d turned up just before the Gold and Detector Weekend (this is all Gold Bearing country
We were only going to stay a day or 2 but thought this might be interesting and it was in our front yard so to speak! Literally. Over the next few days the camp filled to brimming and the Festival started and the info and activities were just wonderful, we learnt so much about detecting, they planted disc in the nearby fenced off countryside and people were sent out to find as may as they could with their detector, we didn’t do it, but many many serious and fun seekers had a great time. Read more at http://www.travelark.org/entry.py?uid=ash-wendyfrank&trip=1&entry=1430476241

Nearest Town: Wedderburn
State: Vic
Cost: Donation
Checkboxes: Big Rig Friendly, Toilets, Water, Showers, Close to Town, Scenic

Hard Hill Wedderburn Victoria