Traveling with pets

One of our most cherished  Best Bits in this Nomadic Life on the road is our beloved Cats, Bubby and Coffee are British Shorthair and they were already a big part of our lives before we decided to venture into life permanently on the road.

We have been traveling for over 5 years now with them, they are both female and they never leave the bus or the cage and couldn’t be happier, in fact as they get older they don’t even bother much with the cage even! We love their company as much as they do ours, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Certainly causes folk to look and comment when they see the cage, where’s the bird? or what have you got in the cage.  You are very aware of campers nearby or walking past fascinated at what it is we are constructing, after we stop.

We thought a lot about how we wanted the cage to be, we wanted the girls to be able to come and go as they wanted, so Ash cut a hole in the appropriate place in the bus wall to attach a tunnel into the cage, then there are a set of floors which are then climb down or big enough to lounge.  Ash built it all himself and it all folds flat, floors and all and stores flat it the boot of the bus. So measurements had to be the right size to fit in the bus plus pieces had to be a manageable weight as to not become a chore to move around each time. It also had to be strong enough incase a stray dog decided to jump at the cage and needed to be just the right height as not to interfere with the awning.

Inside the bus we keen their Kitty Litter Tray in the Shower, with the door ajar with a latch to keep it open enough so the girls can come and go as needed.

It has all been worth it for our girls and they are very happy