Great Central Road

Pictures and Poem by Barbara Everett

After leaving LAVERTON it was the Great Central Road we would travel..
Over 11 hundred klms of corrugates, dust, sand and gravel..
Having been told of the old car bodies that along the road lay..
We decided to count them..just to fill in our day..

Drive to the conditions of the road all the signs said..
But on both sides of the roadway many old wrecks lay dead..
There were red, white and blue ones, and some the colour of rust..
Lying strewn throughout the bush all covered in dust..

It was,” here comes one” and ” there goes another”..
As Len checked one side and I checked the other..
A grand total of 357 was our final score..
But I have no doubt there would of been more..

Now you have to admit that that’s quite a few..
That have been wrecked on the road between LAVERTON and ULURU..