Rillis Reserve Loxton Nth SA

by John Ford

A lovely warm day with a northeasterly breeze and not a cloud in the sky, a perfect day to catch up on the washing. After stringing up several ropes between the trees, pulling the water pump from the back of the car & connecting it to the Anderson plug on the front of the caravan unravelling the extension water hose from off the A frame and of course the most vital link in this eco friendly method of camp washing is our 30lt pink tub that has been in use for over 30 years. The Gennie is cranked up to power the washing machine and the coffee machine.

We have a standard 21/2kl caravan washing machine that if allowed will consume a giant 90lt of water per load. By using a liquid wool wash washing detergent and catching our wash water in our much loved pink tub we are able to recycle that water back into the washing machine via the portable water pump and extension hose. As the clothes do not require rinsing minimal water used, clean fresh clothes and today most clothes drying between the wash cycle.

Now our method may not suit everyone yet it works gangbusters for us. The hard work is done bed sheets washes, dried, ironed the bed is remade after a good airing, each of the clothes are ironed by giving them an almighty flick prior hanging on the line and again prior folding and placing gently into the basket ready for my darling beautiful wife to put away. Once the washing is complete hoses pumps ect are cleaned and neatly stored in their appropriate homes, well occasionally this happens, well it’s meant to happen every time, well it has been known to happen, well now and again, but, this time I DID IT,,,,,

What I like about this freedom lifestyle is that our laundry continues to change, there is no being bored with the same squeezy household laundry, with the same boring clothesline, the same boring boring routine week in and week out, ooh yuck. For a change if we do desire we could if we wanted and I don’t know why we would but we could make a day out and go to the local laundromat, wow, how exciting, pay lots of money to see your lovely clothes go round and round and round and after spend the next 3 hours picking off all the dog hair or horse hair coz someone washed their animal blankets before you, boy wouldn’t that be fun.

After the daily chores are done including the washing and ironing it’s time to sit back relax and watch the interesting things on the mighty Murray River, now the things that come floating by sometimes are different, the other day a bloke in his really expensive ski boat went up the river really really fast, zoom, he was gone, a few minutes later we head him coming back just as fast, all of a sudden he slowed and stopped, he stood up in his boat and shuffled to the engine, next thing something found a new home at the bottom of the river, now those words he used were even new to me, must have been a foreign language but he took off ever so slowly, peace, calm and serenity retuned to our part of the world.

Another strange sight on he river was a double barge with an excavator on board, it wasn’t a great big excavator, however, I wouldn’t like it running over my leg anytime soon. There was one barge in front with the excavator somehow the second was attached from behind with an outboard motor and one bloke, he was obviously captain,navigator and crew, gee 3 pay-packets to do one job, these country blokes are good, beat us city slickers every time.

This morning when Teddy woke me at 7-15am for his breakfast, at first I tried to ignore him as sometimes it works and he goes over and wakes Sheryle, she then gets up and feeds him while I make out I’m asleep, ha ha, but not today , i mean all I have to do is grab his bowl as when I feed him In the evening I get his breakfast then, that way I dont have to get up, go to the car, you know the routine I’m sure. This morning he decided I was the one to feed him, now, he eats dog pellets, the real good really expensive ones, I bet the vet was laughing like mad when he said this is the best stuff for him to eat, $120.00 per 12kl bag when not on special, dam dog eats cavair I’m sure especially the way he salivates waiting for it, doesn’t look that great but each to their own I guess, anyway another meal done, at least I don’t have to slave over a hot stove.