My GVM Story/ Nightmare By Macs Smith.

From our NOATBB Facebook Post.

G’day to you all. This might be a long story, but think all people with motorhomes & vans, should at least read it.  OK…… go look and see what your GVM is.  OK?!…. Things were not getting much better, OK……try to get down to my GVM of 3550 on a transit motorhome. With a tare of 3140.  That should be 410kg left to load up with!?

Before I started this hell ride I took the motorhome to get it weighed……. not good! Came in at 3850.   arhhhg!   Ok !   Off came the beer, back box, water, innerspring mattress, some cloths and a few more things.

Just got back from getting new weight……. bugger 3500!   But I’ve still got to add a tow bar!  Bugger!  thats 30kg, then tow ball weight……. bugger! …. that’s 75kg! oops that’s back over my GVM by 45kg!!……….. Now that’s still with only me in the Motorhome!         No food, no water, no beer! And only a half full tank!

I am really trying to do the right thing. But what more can I do? Chuck all my clothes out and go round oz in the nude? So I can eat and drink? How the hell could I do it with 2 in the van? No way!?

I now have a trailer with my work tools in it that I’m going to need. Bugger! I’m a stonemason so not light too.

Some of the things I took out the van but with a GVM of 4550 and a GVM on the trailer of 750, and a tare of 340 gives me 410kg.

That where I am to date. I am at the stage of giving up and just going over, but that’s not what I want to do. There’s too much that could go wrong.

To increase my GVM will cost over $4500.  I’ve spent $1500 on a trailer plus $850 on tow bar! Would still only get 300kg more. I can’t go on and I can’t go back!

It’s not funny and so far it has cost me $3500 just to get back on the road and stay within the law!

In a past life I must have killed a cat.