Why do you love it: Inland Victoria is fantastic, we’ve found some very friendly towns who welcome us Nomads and love to see us use their Camp Spots and have a meal at the Pub, shop in their shops which we try to always do, mind you if you come across these fantastic paces often like we have lately we’d go broke going out for tea as cheap as some of these pubs are………….Leitchville Vic being one very good example of hospitality and forward thinking country towns, they have this lovely lush green gardened area for Free Camping (Donation) With toilets, water Free BBQ with lights and covered tables, shade trees and lush lawns in an area where it’s as dry and parched as a chip, makes for an ideal oasis, the shops IGA, yummy Bakery, Hardware, and pub just over the road and a Dump Point up the road, The locals even come to welcome you and one bloke even took us for a drive around town to show us the sites, one of which was the Barbed Wire Man, who makes all sorts of things from Barbed Wire. Just out of town they have their lake called Kowl Swamp, We went down to the Pub for tea and while we were waiting for our meal some locals came to chat and we invited them to sit with us and we learnt all about how the Camp came about and the good folk who pushed for it to go ahead, they too were temp Nomads so knew all about what this life is about.
Nearest Town: This is in Leitchville Vic
State: Victoria
Cost: Donation plus support town
Check List: Big Rig Friendly, Toilets, Water, Showers, Close to Town, Scenic, Pet Friendly, Dump Point

Leitchville Vic