Name of Camp: Kwolyin Camp
State: WA
Nearest Town: Quairading
Author (optional): Stephen Jorgensen
Why do you love it:
Kwolyin (between Quairading and Bruce Rock) was a small rural town in Western 
Australia's central/eastern wheatbelt
 but faded into obscurity in the 1960s and 70s. It is now almost entirely returned
 to the natural bush.
 The three Shires of Bruce Rock, Kellerberrin and Quairading combined 
their efforts to create a beautiful, well equipped free Rest Area for travellers
 through the region. 
It is part of their efforts to attract visitors to towns in their Shires and 
provides a good base while exploring the Granite Way. Read more 
Cost: Free Support the locals
Time Limit: 72 hrs
Checkboxes: Big Rig Friendly, Toilets, Water, Scenic, Pets Allowed

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Kwolyin Camp