Brachina, Blinman, Beltona and other beaut places.

Well after a very enjoyable 5 days in beautiful Brachina Gorge we packed up and hit the road again. It always feels good being on the move…for 20 kms up the road to sunny Parachilna!!. To say Henny and the van caused a bit of a stir at this out back pub would be an understatement.

After the hula balloo had settled down Dee and I booked in for 2 nights, time for a shower ,top up the water and…fix up another broken brake line…again. Next day repairs done and body washed we left the van and drove though Parachina Gorge to Binman. Its a very pretty drive up here and the little town is very welcoming. We decided to do the mine tour…Blinman’s claim to fame is its copper mine and being the highest town in S.A. To be honest with you I thought most the people looked fairly straight.. any way after paying for the tour Dee read the notice saying all tour goers must wear shoes, bugger, im in barefoot as is the norm. Well after a bit of a kerfuffle trying on various pairs that they had in the office ,none of which fit, I grabbed the ladies hand and a pen and wrote…My feet are my responsibility, and signed my name…on her palm. Well that seemed to suffice and we were able to do the tour which was very good.
After the tour we drove around a bit then headed for home via Glass Gorge, with a bit of a side trip into Angorichina for some fuel. A lovely days outing and we thought that was about the end of our time in the Flinders…wrong again. After 2 days thinking time Jane the boss lady at the pub decided that she would like us to do a couple of small signs for her. One of them was the pub sign that I had painted 25 years previously which was looking a little worse for wear. No probs and it would just about cover the price of a meal at the pub and our 2 nights camping fees.
Signs done and now Jane mentions a mural she’s thinking about but in the mean time what did I think I could do with a few old Atco dongas that they use for accommodation. Well it now looks like we will be here for quite sometime making old dongas look like even older accommodations.
Not having planned on staying quite so long here Dee informed me we needed a few basics, veg and stuff so we did a day trip up to Leigh Creek to do some shopping and then took in Aroona Dam and Beltana on the way home. If you ever get a chance to check out Beltana, don’t miss it, a fascinating little place jam packed with history.

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