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2012 when it all started

Dreams are not just something locked in our minds, we can make them a reality……So… 3 years planning this next episode of our wonderful lives. Travelling full time and exploring this wonderful country, working off and on when we can find it, house sitting and stopping in beautiful places in our “flat on wheels” with our beloved British shorthair cats Coffee and Bubbycoco. We are both 55+ and would rather live & work all over this wonderful country, rather than living under one expensive permanent roof, this way our capital has gone into a home on wheels. Not everyone’s cup of tea but it is ours. Another plus is that we are almost always around like minded people, living, working and learning all about this wonderful life.  All of us Dream, but few of us live our Dreams” So if you’ve dreamt to go……do it, it’s sooooo worth it.