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Welcome to  Nomads of Australia - The Best Bits Webpage, this website is a sister site to our Facebook Group of the same name.

Facebook Page

Where often similar or same questions are asked, but answers have long since scattered and disappeared into the depths of the group. So this is where the website comes in, we will bring them all together where they're easier to find, space at the bottom of pages will allow nomads to add comments as well, which will enrich the information even more.

We've added a Favourite Free or Low Cost Camps along with Maps so rather than deciding through the long lists in the popular Apps, you find your route on the maps and then find Best Bits Members favourite sites along that route.

Our Maps are in no way meant to copy or replace all your favourite Apps, our Maps cut through the obscure and just shows members favourites and Free and Low Cost Camps (under $15 per RV)

Among the other useful pages we have is a place for links to all the Road Diaries and/or Blogs where the reader can easily find their relevant Blogger to their needs and interest, along with the Link you will be able to choose the age, the RV, the interests or the time on the road. Therefore saving time scrolling though to find the Nomad that best suits your interest or lifestyle. ( Each Link takes you to a website where the Blog/Diary is in a separate browser page)

Find useful Tips and Tricks, helpful ideas and interesting facts in Tips and Tricks, how to fold a pesky fold up tent or how to prepare a new Camp Oven, not to mention fabulous contributions from readers about "What Camera"  "DIY Bug Spray" Myths of Croc" and much much more  ( Again each Link takes you to  Document, youtube or other page where the story is in a separate browser page)

Unlike our Facebook Group we allow Advertising for at the most, the price of just one coffee a week, from businesses, to any item you may have for sale or Accommodation to Jobs available.

New Nomads who have just started or Nomads Dreaming of joining this amazing lifestyle yearn for information and that's where  NOATBB sites both come in. We hope to be there for those who need it and those who are on the road and want to give back

Contribution to this Webpage is welcomed, because everyone has a story, everyone has something unique to contribute.

Poems, Stories, Hints, whatever you think may be of interest to fellow readers. In the end NOATBB Facebook and website is here to motivate encourage and give each other a positive and informative place to be.

We have tried to make it easy  for nomads to contribute by including forms and links to fill out and submit it is simply a matter of typing and if you'd like to add a picture just drag and drop then click submit and off it goes EASY  and we'll help too if needed, just email to

Each are seen at the bottom of this page and they are also at the top of each relevant Menu





Grab a Cuppa and enjoy, be safe out there and most of all congratulations on doing the best thing for YOU - Being a Nomad

Cheers Wendy & Ash of Weezanickinoff

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