By Wendy Frank on Wednesday, March 18, 2015
OK now the best bits!!!!! ………………………Don’t worry too much about the things that may never happen, that just leaves a dark cloud on the most amazing lifestyle anyone decides to do, even stops some from making the change to pursue this amazing lifestyle, so I wanted to list a few things that highlights the wonder and joy of RVing this, the best country in the world. These are some of the things you need to take and why………….
**Your Camera is the most important item for those magnificent sunsets,sunrises, for that elegant and noble eagle taking flight in front of you, or Australia’s sublime landscape, for the many & varied wildflowers that seem to never end, beaches that go on and on, trees with trunks patterns or colour that leave you aghast, the look on hubby’s face when he catches that fish, the bright and contagious smile of a little indigenous kid, Mum falling on her bum in the waves laughing til it hurts, pictures of your ever changing ‘back yards ‘to show the kids, a selfy of the two of you staring awestruck at the pure and utter beauty of a waterfall in a rainforest, capturing a thunderstorm that constantly lights up your world, new friends at happy hour, laughing til their jaws ache, take that picture of your motor home at that speccy location, be humbled at the majesty of the ancient landscape of the west, capturing the brilliant pallets of colour before you.
* Take Heaps of batteries charged and ready to go, you don’t want to miss that sea eagle that glides passed your motor home!!!!
**Invest in a separate portable hard drive so you can store backups and never lose a shot (or put them on the “cloud”)
**Reef shoes! How good is it to explore the reefs and rock pools? with the little colourful crabs, fish, occys that squirts up the back of your leg at and mum squeals with surprise! wading in the shallows catching Blue Swimmer Crabs and boiling them up for tea or sitting on the sand and cracking them open with crab juice dripping off your elbows!!! Now! That’s a picture!!!
**Fishing Rods, even if you don’t know what you’re doing! you’ll catch them anyway and just ask, people will always come with plenty of info to help, make a new friend who may just have some better information for something totally different, that blows you away.
**A dish full of water outside your motor home so you can wash your feet after exploring the sandy beaches (the less sweeping the better) and a little bag to collect shells and driftwood and the smooth stones tumbled from eons of wave movement.
**A flask for water & a small backpack with some sangas when you take those jaw dropping walking tracks to marvel at the scenery and stop for lunch just to soak it in, be silent take it slow….. to be privileged to see a roo bound by or a wombat nuzzle the dirt or finches in their bright feathers fly by. Sit in a forest and listen to a Lyre Bird mimicking everything he has ever heard or what is more beautiful than a Bellbird’s melodic call?
**Good strong walking shoes. Trek to the ocean’s edge and be indulged by the whales making their way back to the south or watch the dolphins surf the waves.
**SKYPE so you can talk face to face with your love ones and friends and you pan around where you are to show them just how magnificent this new life is and all for free! Hopefully inspire a loved one.
**Appreciation just for being together and sharing all this and more,just being together Mum & Dad, sitting, talking, exploring, playing,loving, doing whatever takes your fancy, whenever, where ever and however you please…….and know to your core that you deserve it. This is your time.
**Leave all negativity at home, find and see the positive in everything.
** Take it all in, the seed heads on a blade of grass and the way they all sway back and forth in a breeze, the different foliage, their colours and texture,the huge black crow surveying the land, the way the beach changes every tide,lay on your back on those starry, starry nights deep in the outback and count the shooting stars, be grateful for the rain that fills your tanks and washes away all the dust and everything is new and clean, be gratified for the look on his/her awestruck face when they discover something beautiful and new or have a new and wondrous view of something old or thought you’d seen before, Look closer at that arid flat country, be amazed at just how much is there. Be in awe of the solid rock buildings the pioneers built or the flimsy yet durable structure of a wattle and daub hut, grateful for the spirit of these pioneers who laid the foundations for such a privileged life we have now. Read the names of the Anzacs on the Remembrance walls all over the country and thank them & those who did come home, for what they sacrificed for us. Bring out your inner child take it all in with wonder and most of all…… Be the real you,you’ll be gobsmacked how free and liberating that is!
** DON’T LET IT GET AWAY – do it as soon as you can – no excuses, because if you let them, excuses will always be there to strangle the joy from your life and there’s no going back.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not guaranteed, Today is all you’ve really got,so make the most of today.
by Wendy Frank 2014