We’re Nomads of Australia

Many years of love and care, with sadness on the brow,
A chapter enjoyed but ended, so what do we do now?
Our kids are grown, they don’t need us any more,
We stumble around and wonder, what is next in store?


Pushed aside the shackles of years of doing as we should,
It always tasted wrong somehow I never really understood.
Sit around and wait to die! we were puppets on a stage,
Restricted, bound and numbered, We were living in a cage.


So now we’re nomads of Australia we are happy we are free,
Traded it all so we could be as true as we could be.
Cashin’ in the equity of years of hard earned yakka,
“Glamping” is the word for us now, not a young Back Packer.


We’ve laid it all out & bought a house on wheels,
Said goodbyes to family and had our sad farewells.
Filled the bus, filled the tanks, said goodbye to all our mates,
Drove off and hit the road an exciting new life awaits.


We’re Nomads of Australia and we are free as free can be,
Don’t ever want restraints , so don’t put no chains on me.
Strolling on the beaches, camped under the stars,
Wonder at the antics of cockies n’ cheeky pink gallahs.


Park on a beachside with views that leave us weak,
or nestle under gum trees above a clear babbling creek.
The brilliant colours of the bush, an awesome outback sunrise,
An Aussie owl hiding, confident of his disguise.


Sit with grass up to your chin, tickles and makes you sneeze,
Watch as it waves back and forth in the evening breeze.
Lie on your back on the warm sun kissed beach sand,
Walk along the beach with your love, carefree hand in hand.


Go to places never seen before & wonder at all you see,
Be blown away by the wondrous things and most of it is free!
All this is a gift for us and we live like millionaires,
But you cannot buy it, it is free, to be happy with no cares.


Now I’ll tell you a little secret, that’s a thing we nomads know,
How at the toll of 4 O’clock with chairs n’ glass in tow,
Conversations varied and the witt and BS flow,
of a good stop up the road or what solar do you stow?


There’s always talk of where you’ve been and what you’ve seen,
Secret places no-one knows about and places in between.
Advise of what you shouldn’t miss n’ towns ya gotta see,
but nay one word of politics and ugly bigotry.


We nomads aren’t caught up with all the doom n’ gloom,
In this lifestyle where there really is no room.
An unwritten rule, no need to make it clear,
That stuff numbs your mind and drags you down with fear!


We’re way too busy lovin’ life then as the time draws near
With a cuppa, coke or Cappuccino, a rum, a wine or beer.
We gather like birds at dusk, an all pervading call,
Nomads of Australia equals one and all !


We are Aussie nomads I’m free don’t try n’ chain me in,
We wander in this great wide land, always places we’ve never been.
So when we have seen it all, we’ll stop wandering,
But I promise and I warn you……. don’t hold your breath waiting.

By Wendy Frank 2015