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Hi there, I’m Narda Salm.
I’m a Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness & Meditation iRest certified® Teacher, a qualified Queensland School Teacher, Educational Consultant, and Specialist with over 30 years experience implementing Social Emotional Wellbeing techniques with Adults, Teenagers and Children. My background includes a degree in Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Teaching and a Masters in Business. I believe that it’s possible to live a life of joy, happiness and authenticity.A life that isn’t ruled by stress, anxiety, depression or trauma. Yogic knowledge and Western Psychology have some pretty impressive
ideas on how to achieve this. By integrating these teachings, I’ve discovered a profound path of health, healing, happiness, self-understanding and enlightenment. The intention behind all the work that I do is to help people to tap into their innate sense of happiness (a happiness that is present despite the ups and downs of daily life), to live a life that isn’t ruled by emotions andI teach yoga courses, workshops, retreats, yoga teacher training classes and professional development courses.
I travel through-out Australia with my husband sharing these practices, with our home base in Brisbane, Australia.

You will be guided to consciously create a life you love through Living Your Heartfelt Desires and cultivating more Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness and Meditation Practices. I also offer online coaching one-to-one dyads, helping people develop Yoga Nidra techniques and practices.

My story

My passion and study of both Western Psychology and Yoga developed side-by-side. I discovered yoga as a child, thus now a second generation yogini, when Yoga wasn’t cool like it is now. However, I have been intensely committed to the science of inquiry through Psychology and Yoga since I was a child, having learned directly from remarkable internationally
renowned Yoga Teachers such as Swami Muktanand Meannjin, Dr June Henry (my mother), and Richard Miller.Later, when researching Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), a well-researched and highly regarded treatment for recurrent depression that integrates CognitiveTherapy, mindfulness meditation and yoga asana, I received my certification.

I have now implemented ‘Mindfulness’, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Mindfulness and iRest with children and teenagers within the School Communities in Queensland. Determined to integrate what I knew about yoga and psychology
and teaching, I trained with Dr Amy Saltzman. In recent years I have been bringing yoga into rural communities and outback locations. I have been working with ‘First response’ personal, veterans and a wide range of the ‘underserviced population’.

I have also worked with various government and private organisationsincluding community and mental health,University Counselling Service and Disability services. I don’t teach using one particular method but integrate the teachings and wisdom based on the needs of the individual. The most influential teachings in my work come from Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra (iRest), mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy and Bihar School of Yoga traditions. Yoga is a perfect system of health, healing, happiness and enlightenment. Yoga doesn’t have to be mystical and cloaked in intrigue. It’s a highly practical science and psychological system that leads us to happiness and understanding our true nature.

Join my community and explore how to tap into everyday happiness.

You may wish to host Narda at your local Yoga Studio.
Workshops are available for ’emergency services’ personnel in the event of local disasters such as bushfires, flooding etc. Narda is experience in providing workshops with Emergency Personal, First Responders and Police. Bill, her husband is a Retired Operational Officer – 40 years experience.
Narda is a qualified School Teacher who has provided Meditation and Yoga Nidra workshops for children of all ages. She also has her blue card .