About Nomads of Australia – The Best Bits
Nomads of Australia website is run by Ash & Wendy, who have been permanent Nomads for the last 5 years and have since built and founded a popular fast growing Facebook Group “Nomads of Australia – The Best Bits” which has a formula proven to appeal, thousands of members find it a safe and encouraging place to find information, ask questions and be part of a supportive community, where they can trust information offered to them. This Website is a result of the huge enquiry to advertise which is not allowed on our Facebook Group.
Nomads of Australia – The Best Bits website also opens up a convenient and easy place to find valuable information, not easily found on Facebook, not just Advertising but all the diverse information that comes up in this wonderful lifestyle.
Our Business Directory is easy to find for your needs, where ever you are Australia or if not near to you, where to find closest to wherever you may be.
A website to list the many many Blogs free, or the opportunity to showcase recent entry’s if you chose to feature your Unique Blog for a small monthly or annual cost.
Browse our fabulous page to inspire and showcase this lifestyle, be it an inspirational story, a heartfelt poem, Quotes, Best Bit Pictures, a video that will leave you breathless and leave you in no doubt that the dream is really far more than any of us ever imagined.