Why should you list your business in Nomads of Australia – The Best Bits Directory?
It gets seen! With thousands of visitors to the Nomads of Australia website every month (96% of whom are Australia wide travelers), predominantly over 50 age group and a new growing age group of younger families in this amazing lifestyle.

Your business will be found on Nomads of Australia the BB’s website Australia wide, linked PERMANENTLY from our sister site of “Nomads of Australia The Best Bits” Facebook Group which has a growth of 94% at the moment 1000 new Australian members a month (Feb 2018) and 27,000 plus members.
It’s targeted! We pride ourselves on having a website showcasing all the amazing things that is to offer. If your business specifically targets Australian Nomads, the huge new market of young with families and Grey Nomads, it is well known, the huge need to satisfy sufficiently this growing market.

Nomads of Australia website is run by Ash & Wendy Frank who have been permanent Nomads for the last 5 years and have since built and founded a popular fast growing Facebook Group “Nomads of Australia – The Best Bits” which has a formula proven to appeal, thousands of members find it a safe and encouraging place to find information, ask questions and be part of a supportive community, where they can trust information offered to them. In addition the valuable knowledge and experience of people who are doing it, we have a good idea of what fellow nomads want.

This Website is a result of the huge enquiry to advertise which we do not allow on the Facebook Group.  As Facebook doesn’t have a format which allows the conducive to appropriately provide a happy medium, members do not like to be bombarded, they want information and the format to find what they need. That’s where Nomads of Australia- The Best Bits Website comes in, we provide that happy medium format.

We are well experienced with the needs of our targeted audience. Be they Tent Camper or Big Rig Glampers
It’s trusted! Personal recommendations are one of the most influential factors in choosing a business so they go to where their needs are understood and respected.

It’s relevant! We only feature categories that we know are useful to Nomads of Australia . We don’t want to waste your advertising budget, and we don’t want to be irrelevant to our fellow nomads.